Johnny Manziel Said He Never Watched Past Browns Games in Documentary

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The entirety of Johnny Manziel's career in the National Football League encompassed two seasons and fourteen games. 

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It's likely that the lack of film analysis played a rather significant part in this.

During the two turbulent seasons that Manziel spent playing quarterback for the Cleveland Browns,

 He admitted in the Netflix documentary Untold: Johnny Football that he did not review a single minute of footage of any of his games.

As a quarterback, it is extremely difficult to break into the National Football League in the first place. Only 32 people around the world are given the opportunity to start at quarterback each week.

Johnny Manziel Said He Never Watched Past Browns Games in Documentary

 Therefore, failing to watch even a single frame of the film is a simple and effective approach to rapidly lose your position.

The first two years of Manziel's career were a struggle. Following his selection in the first round, he played in 14 games (eight of which were starts) and threw for 1,675 yards, seven touchdowns, and seven interceptions.

He completed just 57 percent of his throws, while also being sacked 22 times and rushing for 259 yards and a touchdown.

Even after Manziel was awarded the Heisman Trophy in 2012, there were always worries over his ability to play with the same swashbuckling style in the National Football League.

We now have further information that sheds light on the reasons why his professional career was never able to take off.


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