Country Superstars: 6 Artists Who Dominated ’90s Country

The 1990s were said to as the "golden era" of country music. Most performers wore jeans, vests, micro skirts, tight leather pants, 

crop tops instead of the shimmering gowns and dress suits and, subsequently, cowboy outfits that had been respectable clothing in years past. 

The music evolved as well, with rock and pop influences giving songs crossover success.

Top performers are nearly too numerous to name, but here are six of the most renowned of that era: 

Garth Brooks' name comes to mind when one thinks of country superstars from the 1990s. 

Despite the fact that he appears to have always been a superstar, the Stetson-wearing Oklahoma native was turned down by multiple record labels until

one night in 1988, when he performed at the Bluebird Café. Brooks was signed to Capitol Records by a Capitol Records representative who was present at the Café.

Time travel 36 months to the end of 1991. Brooks' three albums had sold over 30 million copies worldwide,


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