5 Zodiac Signs Who Prefer to Play by the Rules

Taureans are recognized for their unyielding adherence to order and structure, as represented by the staunch bull. 

They thrive in surroundings where rules and routines are followed, much like a well-kept garden. 

The steadiness provided by following guidelines and established norms is precisely aligned with their practical nature. 

Taureans find comfort in knowing what to expect, which makes them loyal allies in both personal and professional relationships.

The maiden represents Virgo, who has a sharp eye for detail and an intrinsic drive for perfection. 

Their analytical minds demand order and accuracy, transforming them into the archetypal rule-followers. Virgos find solace in following the established order, 

whether it's in their carefully arranged workstation or their punctual appearance to appointments. This adherence to the rules extends to their goal of self-improvement.

Librans, represented by the scales, are natural diplomats who place a high priority on harmony. They recognize the need of sticking to social standards 

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