5 Zodiac Signs Obsessed with Etiquette and Manners

The uncontested masters of courtesy, diplomacy, and charm are Libras. These people are naturally drawn to peaceful social settings because Venus, 

the planet of love and beauty, rules their astrological sign. Their propensity for making everyone feel heard and respected reveals their fixation with manners. 

Libras have perfected the art of excellent manners, whether it's at a formal dinner or a casual get-together.  

They are adept at knowing precisely when to compliment, when to pay close attention, and when to calmly defuse tense situations.

The rigorous attention to detail that Virgos are renowned for also extends to their fixation with manners. 

They make sure that every etiquette-related note is played perfectly by approaching every social engagement as if it were a well orchestrated symphony.  

Virgos take every precaution to maintain social etiquette, from using the proper fork at a fine restaurant to writing handwritten thank-you cards.

Tradition-based Capricorns place a high priority on respect. These people believe in displaying respect for their elders and other authoritative figures and have an intuitive sense of social hierarchy. 

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