Unlimited Washes at Surf’s Up

Wash as much as you want.
No hassles, no contracts, no limits, no kidding!

Enjoy the benefits of being an exclusive Unlimited Wash Club member. Here are the benefits...

  • Wash as much as you want! Stop worrying about weather forecasts and pesky birds!

  • Save money! The more you wash, the more you save. After just two washes, you're saving money.

  • FREE vacuums, air fresheners, glass cleaner and towels!

  • No long-term contracts. Cancel whenever you want.

Here’s how the Unlimited Packages work:

#1. Choose the Monthly Package of your choice!

#2. Get Your Unlimited Wash Sticker from one of our Team Members!

#3. Get Shiny, Get Dirty, Repeat!


Surf’s Up Packages and Plans


Ultimate Fusion - $20 Single Wash / $49.95 Unlimited


Hot Wax & Shine - $16 Single Wash / $34.95 Unlimited



Rain Repel & Tire Shine - $12 Single Wash / $29.95 Unlimited



Wheel Clean - $8 Single Wash / $19.95 Unlimited